Nestled deep in the Quebec forest, La Luge is a vacation home that allows visitors to live directly amid the wonders of nature. Created by yh2 architects, the home was constructed out of cedar, oak, and walnut, with the darker and lighter woods separated into different sections to create very distinct spaces.

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Brückner & Brückner - Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrimage museum, Altötting 2009. Via, photos (C) Constantin Meyer

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RebildPorten CEBRA

"RebildPorten is a new visitor’s centre and exhibition space for one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in northern Denmark: Rebild Hills and Rold Forest. This area in northern Jutland forms a unique nature reserve, and thus the area holds an extraordinary potential for offering spectacular experiences in this very distinctive rolling landscape. RebildPorten creates a new gathering point that informs, inspires and activates the visitors – an ideal setting for the narrative about the cultural history and nature experiences in these unique surroundings.

RebildPorten’s distinctive expression and character are derived directly from Nature’s own formal language and elements. The structure is designed as a hymn to Nature and the hills and forest, next to which it is situated. It is created in the encounter of building and nature and appears as a sculptural structure made of bluff timber, thus making the building accessible to the eye of the observer – very similar to a forest’s opening and closing when one moves through it, looking upwards through the branches’ chaotic network of crossing lines.”

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hideg house ~ béres architects

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The Thornbury House by Mesh Design (via contemporist)

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Pin by Mae on Interior | Pinterest на We Heart It.

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I Find Everything by Makoto Yamaguchi Design

The center counter unit is covered with a mirrored surface as a solution to the very narrow interior space.

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Mothersill by Bates Masi Architects

The design was very much about travelling through the site and weaving the house together with the deck.

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